What is Shoplifting 2?

Shoplifting 2 is a strategy and stealth-based videogame. It is also an experiment, a simulator and an artistic project.

What is needed to play Shoplifting 2?

Since Shoplifting 2 is a mod of Baldur’s Gate II Shadows of Amn, the complete BGII game must have previously been installed on your computer. Since it's a quite old game, it wouldn't be available in regular shops, but you can find it at http://www.gog.com

Is there a Shoplifting I?

Shoplifting was a demo presented at Laboratorio de Arte Alameda (Mexico D.F.), in the group exhibition ‘Stand by. Listos para actuar’, in 2003. It was a first contact with the idea that Shoplifting 2 fully explores.

Is Shoplifting 2 a comercial game?

No. All the files can be freely downloaded from this website. The purpose of this project is to experiment and to learn. I recommend that you buy BGII, a great game that today, after many years, has a huge community of

What is a modification?

A modification is an alteration of a comercial game. Many of this games are modifiable in a way or another. For Shoplifting 2, we modified BGII in a quite radical way, using the tools available to the player community.

Shoplifting 2 is a mod of Baldur’s Gate II, but it is also a new game, with new levels and objectives, new plot and gameplay.

Where can I learn more about the original Baldur’s Gate II?


Where can I download Shoplifting 2?

At the Downloads section.

How to install it?

Visit the How to Install Section.