The ten emotions that add the most force to a sales or marketing effort

1. Achievement - How does your product/service contribute to the customer's achievement or accomplishment of something notable in life? In this example, your product/service becomes part of the customer's identity.
2. Pride of ownership - How does your product/service contribute to the pride someone would feel from ownership? When you pit pride against features or benefits, pride usually wins in the end.
3. Security - What kind of security does your product/service offer? This is a blanket emotion that includes money, love, acceptance, power and control. Do not emphasize it if you cannot offer it.
4. Self-improvement - How does your product/service appeal to a person's self improvement needs? The internet was born from information relay ideas. Almost everyone uses self-improvement books, articles, or newsletters of some kind. Information is what keeps the internet moving, and content is king.
5. Status - How does your product/service contribute to the status your visitor achieves? Everyone knows that you can fly in second class because it is cheaper and more economical, but deep inside almost everyone would rather fly in first class. What is the "first class" of your product or service?
6. Style - How does your product/service fit your buyers style? Are your products/services the Cadillac of style, or are they the Hugo? Keep in mind that their style needs can be real or imagined.
7. Conformity - Does your product/service fall into a conformity niche? People do not want to be alone. They flock together in groups. You have seen them throughout school, and surely have seen them in your adult life. Does your product or service command a group following? How would
your product/service help to fulfill the need of community? Does peer pressure play a role in your product/service?
8. Ambition - How does your product/service help people to get more out of life? More out of life is a broad term and can be applied to money, love, security, power, or just about anything else you can think of. What is it that people want more of that your product or service can help them get more of?
9. Power - In what ways does your product/service offer a person more power? Power can be over something as simple as their own lives, time, or any number of other things. What ways can you come up with that will help people gain more control over things that they want more control
10. Love - This one is the grand daddy of them all. As mentioned earlier in this article where the person was looking for ways to expand their financial stability and offer more to their children. That would be an example of a feeling of love.
The more of these feelings you can incorporate into your design and information, the better chance you have of generating the emotions needed to compel a person to buy. These are the top ten emotions according to the book titled "The Way of the Guerrilla" - by Jay Conrad Levison, published by Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston New York, 1997.

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put the object in my pocket. walk around a little, with my hands in my pocket, taking the wrappers off. walk out of the store. and then never use the thing i stole because i figure out later that i don't need it.