Patch 0.3: the bulimic waitress add-on (english)

The 'bulimic waitress add-on'.
Where is she?- She's in the Fast food restaurant, next to the information desk.
The bulimic waitress will buy at a good price all sort of sweets and candies.
Some dangers are to be avoided...

- More information about the items. Now, the different products show
the price in their labels, so you can planify and choose for which
objects it is worth to risk. Attention: not all the members of the
commando can read. Important: before selling an object, you should read
it's label to know exactly what it is. If not, you'll sell it at a very
low price. To read the label, click on the object icon in the inventory
screen with the right button of the mouse.
- Prices of the different deactivators have been balanced according to the benefits they can bring.

NOTE: this patch is already included in the lastest version of the installer.

sl2p03eng.rar1.8 MB